I got the skinny on Fabric!!!! MUST READ!!!!

Okay so I have been busy with the spring 2011 line that I dont blog as much as I should but when something is worth talking about I gotta share. So i am souring fabrics for my line and I have almost everything except for some knits so I have had to hit the ground running to find some really great knits and so recently I found myself a gold mine 😉 BTW * the line is amazing, samples are done in two weeks and you guys will be the first to see it.

now on to the fabric god….

We all know that getting Modal Jersey or even 100% Tencel Knit (if you have not sewn with tencel yet you must, its amazing fabric) Knits..really great knits are hard to come by mostly because they are used by big designers and not easily accessible to the public BUT! i found myself a fabric angel..lol

He has incredible modal fabric, silk modals, lightweight, medium weight, bamboo Jerseys, 100% tencel (lyocell)!! (im telling you you need tencel in your life..lol and so much more, he has jersey prints, he showed me some silk linen that was so amazing I think my heart may have stopped beating for a minute.

Okay so I cant give you his name but I can give you an email address for him, he does not have minimums and he is so fair. I told him he needs to get pics of all his fabrics so I can show you guys but he is rather busy and is trying to get it done. He has a few fabrics on ebay(and i mean just few in comparison to what i saw at his place) but if you email him and ask about something he will respond.

Check out his ebay link: http://stores.ebay.com/highendfabrics-organics-more
and his email address is admin@highendfabrics.com

He is a very nice man and please tell him MIMI sent you 😉

12 thoughts on “I got the skinny on Fabric!!!! MUST READ!!!!

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I hear others say that they've bought fabric off of eBay, but I never think to look there. His "few" fabrics seems like a pretty good selection to me.

  2. Thanks to Everybody i will try my best to get the best fabrics and if you don't see what you need i may can get it for you.High-end fabrics.Specially thanks to MiMi You are the best!

  3. Wow! This fabric sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing this info. I've been looking for something similar to silk jersey for a wrap dress and this seems like it may be perfect. I've never heard of modal and when I googled, I came across a thread with numerous posts about people having allergic skin reactions. Have you heard anything about this? BTW, I love your blog!

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