update :)

Hi Everyone

Im still alive, lol
I just wanted to take a minute to update you guys on the process 🙂
The look books, line sheets and press kit have all been shipped to the buyers and now we wait..
I have submitted my collection to the Focus Fashion Show here in LA that takes place during market week when all the buyers are in town, let’s hope I get in…
I am now working on Fall 2011 and it’s crazy busy but very exciting.
It KILLS me that I cant show you guys yet but we all know it has to stay under wraps until selling season is over to avoid any knock offs..lol you know that thing we home sewers do all time 🙂 lol well labels do it too.
I have not had any time for sewing aside then working on possible designs/mock ups so I dont have anything to show you but I will be able to show you sneak peeks and that will happen soon.
Miss you all!!!!

10 thoughts on “update :)

  1. miss your bloggin but it's for a great cause! Congratulations and god bless! My fingers and threads are crossed for you.Carol aka anncie1 at PR.com a fan and reader of your blog! take care.

  2. This is wonderful! Looking forward to seeing what develops for you in the future. Best Wishes for success in this endeavor and look forward to when you can show us more.

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