Updates and What Not…

This has been a really busy year and usually i get to go back in December and view all the wonderful things I made for myself but this year I gots nothin! lol, I mean a few pieces here and there but boy have I neglected my blog 😦

I have decided that I am going to spend a bit more time on here, after all you guys have been my support system for so long and always so encouraging it’s the least I can do. I am making the hubby take a few shots of the items I have made but have not posted and I am going to start including a few more do-it-yourself projects for those of you who like draping your own patterns etc..

On another note I have started looking for office space (outside of my home) and will be hiring an in house seamstress to handle small manufacturing jobs. I will start selling directly on my website mimi g. (I have changed names from Simply Mimi to Mimi G.) mostly because our dear friend Vera Wang has a new collection “Simply Vera” and well it’s too close for my comfort..lol

I also have a new blog at wordpress because blogger is just not working for me anymore, I have moved all my posts over to that blog and this one will stay live so people can find me but the new blog will also include a new “area” where I will talk about my experience starting a clothing label, should be fun.

the new blog address is http://www.mimigoodwin.wordpress.com/ this will be the blog that going forward will be updated frequently 😉

Thanks for your ongoing support and I will post this weekend with pics…that’s a promise and if we are not facebook friends what are you waiting for…lol facebook me

xoxo~mimi g.


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