Update and Book Review


Boy have I been terrible about this damn blog..lol I just cant seem to find time to do everything!!! arrrgggg it’s very frustrating. I have been busy with my business but have not done much sewing for myself 😦 I am planning to add a few new things to my usual blog etc.. like I plan to do video entries because that is easier for me. I also will be including some beauty products/fashion/tips etc that I have been using and or am loving but dont worry this will still be a sewing blog that wont change.

If you guys follow me on Facebook you know that I have been trying to let my hair grow out and since I can’t deal with the ugly in between stage of going from short to long..humph! I started rocking wigs until my hair grows long enough to do something with it..lol right now I just look like a crazy person under this wigs..lol the problem is that now my wigs have become accessories, its like waking up and deciding what earrings to wear..LOL I am ADDICTED! so when you see me with different hair every week just go with it..lol

Let’s see…oh! yes I forgot..if you are wondering why my YouTube channel is gone it’s because I got tired of people making idiotic comments because they disagree with “MY WAY” of doing things…LOL I did get a new channel but there is nothing on it yet..there will be soon 🙂

Books! I get asked a lot about books on tailoring or couture (ish) that are easy to follow for beginners, so I have done a little research on some og the books already out there and then came across two:

Illustrated Guide to Sewing:  Tailoring **** (Good Book even for the more experienced seamstress) Get it here

Illustrated Guide to Sewing:  Couture Techniques *** (Good Techniques for beginners but not Couture) Get it here

I had not read them so I ordered them so I could give a personal opinion, so here it is:

1. Good for Intermediate and beginner Sewers who are not ready to take the leap into Couture Techniques but want to seriously improve

2. Great Illustrations for ease of following along and understanding what they are asking you to do

3. Good Reference  for the beginner/Intermediate to have on hand

4. The Tailoring book is good for both starters and pro’s, the info is good the illustrations makes it easy to follow and it has a  lot if good techniques. I have a ton of books and several on tailoring but this one is a good one to add to that.

Talk to you guys soon!

~Mimi G.


4 thoughts on “Update and Book Review

  1. Hey Lady, I'm loving the new wig you're rocking! I hear they can be pretty addicting. Glad you're also having much business success.Thanks for posting about the books. I just posted about new book releases for 2011 and those 2 were on the list. I like you like to collect and was curious about them. They seemed they would be good but sometimes you never know. Now I know to go ahead and add them to the list. Thanks again, you're always a wealth of information!

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