My Videos: Free Downloads Now


I just wanted to take a sec and tell you that my videos can be downloaded for free now, you can click on the links below to download 🙂

1. Draping a Basic Bodice: Download here are the PDF instructions

2. Maxi Dress Tutorial: Download

3. Duct Tape Dress form Tutorial: Download

Enjoy 🙂

~Mimi G.


7 thoughts on “My Videos: Free Downloads Now

  1. Hi,Thank you for funny and inspirational blog!In one of your blogs you talked about a fabric seller on ebay who sells high end fabric (I saw that on ebay). But, I thought you had on your blog that you actually went to that seller's store in Los Angeles? I want to visit the garment district and go to his store, but will you please give me the name of the store (the physical store, not the ebay name), if you wouldn't mind? Thank you,Pat

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