Any Advice?


5 thoughts on “Any Advice?

  1. Mimi,You are too funny, lol! First of all, you're good, b/c I couldn't sit long enough for anybody to braid my hair. 🙂 I'm no hair expert, but my sister does hair~ she braids….It sounds like you are going about everything the right way. However, I've often heard her say that she uses Seabreeze on her scalp to keep it fresh and to cut down on issues like that. That's something you may want to try and see if that works. But, more than likely the bumps are just coming from the scalp being pulled so tight…. I hope that helps.\

  2. Tell the person that is braiding you hair to liting up around the egdes. For the back of your neck ask her not to braid it all the way down. Tell her not to pick up the hairs on you neck, or just tell her when she braid all the way down dont lift the hair to start pleating the ends. just do a continual braid all the way do. If she does a continual braid and dont lift there hair up 2 pleat the ends you willnt get the bumps. You not want to much stress on your hair it can slow down the growth process.

  3. Try a flat twist style vs the braids. I hate corn roll braids and I'm natural I did just what you are doing and I can not take the braids. Bumps I think not!

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