No More Braiding For Me!

All Erica B. needed to say was “Naomi Campbell’s Hairline” lmbo!!! got it Erica, Im done with the braiding…LOL


Toodles 🙂


4 thoughts on “No More Braiding For Me!

  1. Lmbo her hair is gone from Alapaca I think i spelled it wrong. If you braids are done right you will not go bald. Just tell your braider to liting up a little.

  2. Perhaps look into getting a new stylist; there is a way to get a tight look and not resort to all that pulling and contortion that some "braiders" think must happen. (I have done hundreds of gorgeous braided and weave styles professionally over the years.) I think that Naomi Campbell lost her "edges" from too-tight braiding PLUS too-tight sew-in weaves. A hairline like hers can happen but does not have to. Good luck!

  3. OMG, Are you sure that's Naomi Campbell?? That looks like some african woman with a history of native tradition going on at the sides of her head. WOW!!! I'm still not believign that's Naomi….WOW!!

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