What I Wore Today & Second V1200

What I Wore Today….

 I posted a PR of V1200 yesterday and mentioned that I made 3 pairs and today I am wearing the second pair made in a dark teal. I love this pattern, seriously it is a TNT for wide leg trousers for me. You can easily add design changes and the fit is pretty good right out of the envelope and if you have any experience fitting pants then you can get a pretty darn good pair out of this pattern. I have many MANY fittings on pants so I can usually get a perfect fit for myself. This is what I wore today…

Pants: V1200
Sweater: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Gold and Leather Cuff: Forever 21


3 thoughts on “What I Wore Today & Second V1200

  1. I hadn't dropped by in a while, but I am inspired by all the great stuff you've made the last two months or so. This set of trousers in bright colors is really great. Love your corduroy skinny pants and yellow skirt just to name a couple others I'm thinking about.

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