Thanksgiving and Katy Perry

First I want to say thanks…

I am blessed! I have a man who does anything in his power to make me happy everyday, he shows me that he loves me with the simplest gestures. My children are happy and healthy, I have the best most loving mother and I love what I do. I am thankful for everything I have and everyone who I have the pleasure of knowing and sharing my life with. Thank you for reading my posts, looking at my pictures and commenting on my day to day “stuff”. May god bless you all and always be thankful for all the things that so many of us take for granted. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Now, today was a fun day and I got to dress up so that made it even better, lol. Working in Film and Television has its perks and since we were filming the Katy Perry concert tonight I was able to attend and take my oldest and a few friends……this is what I wore 🙂

Leather Leggins, Smart Blazer 
& Steve Madden Leopard Print Boots

I love these boots!!!
This is my friend Liz and of course you guys know my DD Chastidy

Me and my baby girl 🙂
Be blessed!

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