What I Wore | Grey Poncho & White Jeans

Okay, first off I swear I am sewing, I just haven’t been able to finish a project because of my schedule but soon i will post some PR’s

I never follow the rules so this whole old age rule about not wearing white after labor day is crap! lol
I love wearing white in the winter so when I saw a pic on some website of a super thin fabulous model wearing a grey poncho over a button down I went to my closet and lo and behold I had a grey poncho in there…sometimes I forget what I have in there 🙂

NY&Co. Jeans
Click B Poncho
Forever 21 Button Down
Coach Bag & MK Sunglasses
I picked up this necklace at Forever 21 the other day, isn’t it pretty??
mimi g.

One thought on “What I Wore | Grey Poncho & White Jeans

  1. I have just found your website and I am going through your posts! AWESOME Is the word! Thank you for posting all your picks. I am so excited and I love every minute. I am taking notes. Just wanted to know how appreciative I am.

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