DIY Skirt: Self Drafted Pencil Midi Skirt

Self Drafted Midi Pencil Skirt

This is the EASIEST skirt to make! I folded my fabric measure my waist plus 4″ from the fold and marked a straight line. I am working with a striped stretchy DK so negative ease is needed for the right fit. I cut the straight line sewed it up and that became my CB seam. I then tried it on so I could see if I needed to peg it more at the hem (that is the key to a midi skirt like this) I marked where the skirt hit the bottom of my butt and marked it and then took it in 1/4″ from hem up to the mark.

I added the elastic with the serger because I need it to stretch with the fabric when pulling this sucker on, lol then I folded the elastic in a tacked it at the CB seam and a tack on each side. Sewed the hem 1.5″ by hand and was done, I think it took 30 min total, LOL

How I Wore It…

Steve Madden Red Pumps
White H&M Fitted Sweater
mimi g.

20 thoughts on “DIY Skirt: Self Drafted Pencil Midi Skirt

  1. I am pretty much a DIY self starter, I am self taught too, but that wording "negative ease" totally new to me, so thanks you do inspire me to go farther with being creative!

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