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Hi Guys!!

So today was interesting, ever since we moved back down to the city my DH has been driving an hour each way to attend the church we use to attend so we have decided to visit some local churches to see if we could attend them when driving is not an option (I won’t drive an hour, LOL) so we need it to be close if I am attending.

Today we visited a church and as always I was very glam/hollywood because that is how I am use to going to church (it’s a fashion show you know) but today when we walked in I stood out a like crazy, lmbo!!
ALL the women were in ankle length dresses/skirts, hair pinned up in a bun and ZERO makeup and NO jewelry! and here I come in a fur vest with suede leggings, sky high heels, blinged out with red lipstick on!!! If I wasn’t so comfortable with who i am I would have felt uncomfortable but of course I didn’t, I just thought it funny that the women looked at me as if I were a starlet πŸ™‚ we then realized we were in a very traditional pentecostal church, LOL!!

I must say that they were very friendly and welcoming and the message was good so this was a win win for today, this what I wore…

H&M Sweater Dress, Cupid Heels, H&M Suede Leggins, Michael Kors Vest

Forever 21 Clutch, Kate Spade Sunnies

MK Chian Link Bracelet, Forever 21 Bangle, MK Ring, Chic B Gold Two Finger Ring
mimi g.

7 thoughts on “What I Wore | Who’s That Girl?

  1. Good luck in finding a church home. That's very important if you are a church-goer. It's unfortunate you received the looks you did but I'm very glad you were embraced and welcomed and no it shouldn't be a fashion show.

  2. That is so funny. I remember the first time I stepped into a pentecostal holiness church with big hoop earrings and a v neck blouse with a short skirt. I felt like a stood out like a sore thumb!! Anyway, your outfit is fabulous!! Glad you enjoyed church too!!

  3. I am always overdressed at church, too. My church is very casual and some people wear jeans on Sunday morning, but I really dress up because I love to dress up. I really like that fur vest and your nail polish.

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