DIY Dress: Pattern Review B5706 Matronly to Sassy!

Good Morning! I am so excited about my dress today because it’s the same pattern I used to make the high-low skirt tutorial this time I knew I could make the matronly looking pattern look sassy so I used it as a base pattern and just made it a little more modern. I knew that I needed it to be form fitting and I wanted to make it a midi length but I didn’t have enough fabric so I made it as long as my fabric allowed. 
This is just a great example of a pattern that most of us would just pass on because the pattern images are not appealing but like I always say, you have to look beyond the pattern pics! I always look at the technical sketch because that gives me a clear indication of what I can do to update the pattern.

Pattern Description: Misses Dresses

Pattern Sizing: I cut the 8 and then chopped off about 4″ all around to get the look I wanted.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Ummmm, not really, LOL

Were the instructions easy to follow? I didn’t use them because I was on my own path at that point.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? It is a good basic-build on pattern

Fabric Used: Black/White Striped DK

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: Well, I took in the enormous amount of ridiculous ease that is in this pattern and made it form fitting, I pegged it at the knee and added length to the hem.

Would you sew it again? I will use it again as a build up pattern.

Would you recommend it to others? with modifications…yes

B5706 Dress, Steve Madden Pumps, DIY Red Leather Obi Belt, F21 Necklace, BCBG Bracelet

mimi g.

27 thoughts on “DIY Dress: Pattern Review B5706 Matronly to Sassy!

  1. i'm comparing ur photos to the models on the pattern page and all i can say is good job.Ever since I learn pattern making i've looked at photos and done the same thing…i'd remove this/add that

  2. Very Cute! I just found your blog via your Fashion Bomb feature and I'm hooked. I just wrapped up my 1st sewing class as well. Looking forward to the rest of your blog!!-Kandis

  3. Hello Mimi!I'm from Portugal and I found out your Blog throught a friend (Nanda Crafts). I love the dress! I must say I love your shoes collection! I wish I could buy here shoes like that, because I'm short too! :DKeep up the good work! You are inspiring! Check this two Portuguese Blogs: Couture et TricotÓcios e NegóciosYou will like them! Xoxo, Helena Alves

  4. I always go by the sketch rather than the photo too.. far too often the pic doesn't give you the detail that the sketch does. Plus, it makes it easier to identify if it's the same basic pattern I've already bought 4 times over! Oh, and the shoes… sigh…

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