What I Wore | My DVF Dress

My Pretty Woman Dress
yes, the movie

Good Morning!!!

It is sunny and lovely outside today and I am in such a good mood I had to pull out my DVF wrap dress.
I bought this dress two years ago while shopping in NYC and I can’t tell you how quickly I fell in love with the print. DVF is one of my most favorite designers because she truly understands how to dress a woman.

I know that I wrote about this two years ago when I bought the dress but I wanted to explain why I call this my “Pretty Woman Dress” When I walked into the DVF store in the meat packing district I was so excited but I had been out shopping and site seeing all day so I looked a little “relaxed” jeans, sneakers etc.

When I walked into the store I was given the cold shoulder just like they did to Julia Roberts, as if to say “you don’t look like you could afford to be in here” AS IF! (I really couldn’t but I was buying a damn dress not matter what the price that day) the problem was that I really wanted this wrap dress and I was determined to ignore them and enjoy the experience so off I went into the dressing room. Can I tell you that they DID NOT want to help me, LOL

I had a moment in the dressing room where I was inspecting the construction and thought “geez I could sew this up myself” but there is NO WAY I could recreate her print because she is genius! so I tried on my dress and it fit like a glove, not to mention that DVF has vanity sizing so I let myself believe that the size 0 dress I had on was really a size zero, LOL!

When I took my dress to the register the sales girl IMMEDIATELY changed her tune, then it was all about “Is there anything else I can do for you miss”, ” did you find everything you needed?” chick! please, I was like ring me up and stop talking to me right now, lol. I got my dress and the experience was a bit tainted by the sales girl but that had no bearing on my love for DVF and I can’t use one persons ignorance to judge every single store, that was just MY experience at the NYC store.

My Dress

DVF Wrap Dress, Steve Madden Pumps

Michael Kors Chain Link Bracelet & Ring, F21 Gold Clutch and the necklace is actually the chain link strap of one of my purses, LOL!!

mimi g.

P.S. don’t forget to enter the giveaway in yesterdays post!

29 thoughts on “What I Wore | My DVF Dress

  1. sounds like you had a crazy shopping experience, but at least you made out with that DVF dress, which looks stunning on you, by the way.Also loving the accessories and that re-fashioned necklace. gorgeous girl–gorgeous blog!

  2. Mimi you should've called corporate and the cops! called corporate on that rude ass sales chick and called the cops on yourself because looking that good is downright criminal! ;)love everything about this look…and don't feel ad. New Yorkers in general r quite rude. Lol

  3. You look totally woman (I hear your roar!) in that dress. I'm silently crying inside. 1) I would love for you to add the color/brand of your nail polish (I'm a polish addict and hoarder and nail blogger and new nail specialty student if you need weirdo woman explanations LOL). And 2) I sold a pink and white floral DVF wrap dress to a local vintage dress resale shop because of that "vanity" sizing and my hips no longer made the dress wrap without pulling and looking snug. Le sigh. Glad you are holding it down for all of us Pretty Woman!

  4. OMGosh Mimi, first of all I think you're uber talented with your sewing. I can only dream since my Mother is gifted like that. LOL but I don't have the patience.Love the dress and the story even more!! When you live in the South that kind of attitude can be common. Whatevaaa, you look FAB-YOU-LOUS 😉

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