Dear Michael Kors, Sorry I Knocked Off Your Dress…

Dear MK,

I love you dearly and you know I am a true fan! I own many of your handbags and tons of your jewelry/watches but recently I saw a hot pink sheath dress that I loved but the price tag was cool $1,245!
Unfortunately for me that is just not in my budget so I had no choice but to make my own version of your dress. Now, if you would be so kind and send me the belt in the picture to complete my look I would be most appreciative.

I still love you very much!
mimi g.

MK Dress $1245.00 and My Version $22.00

93 thoughts on “Dear Michael Kors, Sorry I Knocked Off Your Dress…

  1. You're my inspiration and my hero. Gurrl, you are killing it with that dress. If this was a competition MK would be politely bowing out right now…. Did you have to modify the torso? I have the oposite prob, curves with short torso, so tops, dress, etc, end up bunching up on my bum. What's the best / easiest way to adjust for that (pattern instructions confuse me)?

  2. LOL, Thank you so much! the easiest way to shorten the pattern is to look for the parallel double lines at the waist (that signifies you can cut there) then you just take out the space and reattach. you can also just fold out the amount you need to take out to shorten the pattern.

  3. Wow, nice that you have a lot of fabric shops. I just move to Nashville and haven't fund any fabric stores besides Joann's. Thank you for the links and for your response!

  4. You better work….your hands are truly blessed. My granny said women who were good with hair had "growing hands"……you have some "sewing hands" I don't know how to do but surely wish I had the patience to learn….look how much money you saved!

  5. Hi again Mimi after I saw this post I am thinking for a few days about start sewing (I cant sleep at night thinking and excited about that haha). You very inspiring me a lot. Right now I am looking for small auto sewing machine. I think Iam going to start sewing class very soon still looking for one in my area.Anyway I am going to post wish list in my blog and mention you there. Hope you are ok with there dear. Please dont say no that going to make me sad :(. ♥ you and kisses!Minnie

  6. Wow your dress looks better than the MK! (tho I love MK too). It's a shame you don't sell your creations! 😦 Awesome work and continued inspiration to you!

  7. I WANNA DO THAT TOO !!! I would be blind if I didnt agree with all the compliments! I'm green with envy with your skills, not to mention you figure. You are truly an inspiration! Just a couple of quick questions, how many pieces did you have to cut for this dress and are there two darts in the back as well in the front? NOT that i think i can handle this but just the mentally piecing it together.

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