DIY Dress: Colorblocking Love!


Okay I just couldn’t wait so I took some pics of me in the Heidi Merrick inspired dress this morning.
Then I changed and went to work, lmbo! you will see that outfit tomorrow 😉

I used NL 6083 and added 6.5″ to the length because the pattern is for a top not a dress.
I cut the pattern into sections and added seam allowances. I wanted the back one solid color so I didn’t change anything except adding the length and I wanted it to be a pullover dress so I didn’t add any zippers.
I also wanted the sleeves to be a solid color so the only adjustment I made was to take them in a bit for a slim fit.

I used a crepe back satin for the dress but used the non shiny side.

When the sun is out and shining I’ll take some pics for you guys 😉

mimi g.

52 thoughts on “DIY Dress: Colorblocking Love!

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and am already addicted. It's so nice to see a sewing blog that's really stylish, without the frump and boxy cuts! I wanted to just say, keep up the great work!

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