DIY Maxi + DIY Wrap Top: Girl You Be Killin Em’

Happy Hump Day!!! I am in such a good mood today because the sun is out and I am so full of color I am about to freakin burst, lol! I made this maxi and top over the weekend and couldn’t wait for it to be warm enough to wear it. I am thinking the next tutorial will be an easy peasy maxi skirt, what say you?

The skirt is a printed chiffon and the lining is a white poly. The pattern for this skirt is uber easy you just have a whole lot of gathering. It came together pretty quickly and it makes me so happy just looking at it, lol!

I used my serger for the rolled hem and an invisible zipper in the CB

NL6149 is out of print but I think you can still find it online. I read the reviews and they weren’t great but I knew I could make the adjustments needed. The first thing was in every picture shown in the reviews the ties looked limp and kinda sad and I think that there just needed to be fitting adjustments made and it would have been fine. This is what I did: Took out 5/8″ on each side of the pattern because I wanted the sleeves to look more raglan than dolman. I also interfaced the ties so they could hold shape and I also used a 1/2″ strip of interfacing on the hem and then sewed my hem so it would be a crop hem and not wobbly because my fabric is very light weight.

I wore it with my H&M Necklace, MK White Leather Band Watch, Green Stone Ring from F21 & misc bangles and thang’s

mimi g.

114 thoughts on “DIY Maxi + DIY Wrap Top: Girl You Be Killin Em’

  1. First of all, your hair style is BANGING!!! I love the Maxi Skirt…I'd love to get that for my wife, but if I have to sew it…well, I'll just keep wishing….Love your style!1

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