You Have Kids? LOL

I keep forgetting that I have new fabulous readers that don’t know that much about me so since I got some emails like “you have kids?” LOL I thought I would share my oldest two.

Me and my two oldest
 Chastidy, 18 & Lexi 14
I dont post pics of my little ones on my blog anymore because someone used them (creepy) and that was weird but my oldest two are all over the damn internet on social media madness so…lol
The little ones are: Alyssa (10) Imani (9) Alex (8) Randy (4)
mimi g.

87 thoughts on “You Have Kids? LOL

  1. Beautiful girls Mimi. What is most impressive is that manage to do you do. You are a great inspiration to other moms out there to show that life doesn't stop when we have children, we can be great moms and still keep our own interests. Well done x

  2. Thank God you got your "bod" from your father's side. I am her mom and I look like a grape…short and round!lol Although I do have a "pretty" face (consolation word for all of us "heavies)!!My grandchildren are all gorgeous!!

  3. With that little body you actually produced 6 kids.Damn I need to hit the gym *putting on my Nike's and sweatband.*Your kids should be models,maybe model your clothing line?

  4. Hi Mimi, The genes play some part, but is your hard work and dedication. Nice to see your beautiful girls again!! Sorry about the pics. May God keep blessing ur Familia!!!

  5. Aww c*@p! There goes my excuse for not looking fabulous. I only have two. I really REALLY need to get my act together. I'm inspired!

  6. Okay, now you're just showing off! How in the world do you have time to sew, blog and do the family (big family) thing. I have 3 (well 2 little ones and a 22 year old) and I barely have time to sew on the weekends. Once again, you are amazing and very inspiring.

  7. Still gave birth to more than 1 kid.I have non and am so out of shape its embarrassing.But you give me motivation because the clothes you wear look so good on you

  8. My jaw dropped when I read this b/c I figured you were in your mid-late 20s! Whoa! You must have some mad time organizational skills, too. I don't even know you, but I'm proud of you anyway! LOL.

  9. I'm speechless (but in a good I also thought you were in your late 20's. Your girls are beautiful and your oldest is the spitting image of you. Thanks for sharing the pics! πŸ™‚

  10. Ok, I have serious questions now. You birthed 4 children, seriously?????? I just died. Ok, ok, you MUST start posting some of your exercise tips on here as well. What are you doing? Tell us what a typical day is like for you? Now I just have way too many questions. By the way, I saw your photos on Facebook and was thrilled when I ran across your actual site. I LOVE the site and your style. I am brand new FAN! Ok, so how much are you working out?

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