Sewing For Others…

Hello Lovelies!
Okay I get asked this question so many times a day, LOL so I am answering and asking at the same time for you guys. I normally do not sew for others BUT on rare occasions I will take on some projects for fun but it cuts into my own personal sewing time, lol
The OTHER reason I don’t normally sew for others is because most people don’t realize that having something made just for you costs more then buying at a store. Its sometimes cheaper for me because I am not paying for my own time πŸ˜‰ so the only cost to me is the material. 
So here is my question to you…

Would you pay more to have something that not everyone can readily purchase even if it costs more?
Pro: You have a piece made that not everyone with in a 30 miles radius of F21 has
Con (to some): You will pay for
I was asked today by several followers about making them the black maxi I wore today and so my answer/question is, would you pay $185 for that skirt because that is how much I would charge to go buy the fabric & sew it? then you have to pay for shipping.
What say you? 

mimi g.

60 thoughts on “Sewing For Others…

  1. For what the agony I go through in shopping retail, I'd be VERY willing to pay for fabric and someone's time. I wouldn't have a closet full of custom pieces, but I would GLADLY pay top dollar for a timeless garment that fits me and my curves. I'm sorry for all you seamsters who have had ppl try to get over on you. They're killing it for the rest of us who love and admire your work.

  2. Yes, I would pay $185 plus shipping. The time, energy and supplies for the skirt warrant that amount. And like many have mentioned, it's a handmade piece that not many folks will have. On a different note, I found your blog on Pinterest and I love it!

  3. When I have the extra funds, I have no problem going on Etsy and some of the other sites like it to find one of a kind pieces. I don't want something like I can find in the stores. If I'm going to pay top dollar for something, it needs to be unique.I will learn to sew once I'm done with grad school and I look forward to making some of my own clothes.I don't blame you for not wanting to sew for others or at least making it a rarity. There's a reason most people don't make their own clothes anymore: it's hard work!Since we have a lot of "flash retailers" (isn't that what Forever 21 and H&M are categorized as?) who can make dresses and such for $20-30, people are not willing to pay $100+ for something that can be obtained for $20-30.I'll definitely be subscribing because it looks as if you are a queen on the sewing machine. =)

  4. My mother sewed for my 2 older sisters and I throughout our childhoon and even teenage years. I can still see my mother hunched over the sewing machine, undoing seams until they were perfect..countless fittings. The time and passion she poured into everything she made was priceless. People took advantage of that passion until she became spent and ultimately lost the passion and now no longer sews. People try to undervalue the time and energy it takes to create their vision. Glad this blog is here to bring light to the work and passion behind every stitch.Enamored by your work! Mrs. Makeup:)

  5. Wow, most of the replies I've read (didn't have time to read them all I have a newborn and an 21 month old) have great information. As someone who fell into reading your blog from Pinterest, Mimi, you have a great blog here! I really love how you respond to everyone, I read a lot of blogs (when I have time) and no one ever responds to comments. I am definitely one of those ignorant people everyone is talking about. I have no idea how much stuff cost to make and I wish I could sew as beautifully as this! I just ordered some fabric and can't wait to try making the pencil skirt from your tutorial. I am way more in the "know" now about how much it cost to make handcrafted pieces. And I'll realize how precious the time is when I sit down to actually try and sew my skirt. Although, I do have some idea about time being precious…I have no idea when my boys are going to actually let me do it. πŸ˜‰

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