DIY Dress: NL6083 Modified Again!

Used In The Color-blocked Dress 

Good Morning!! I first want to ask a question because I have noticed that many of the UBER popular fashion blogs don’t ever respond to comments left for them 0_o now I realize that it is time consuming because I spend about 1.5 to 2hrs a day just responding to comments and emails so I get it but here is my question, does it matter to you guys if you leave a comment on a blog and NEVER get a reply, an acknowledgment anything? do you care?
 I try my best to respond to all of your comments because it is important to me that you know I read them and appreciate your time so please know that if you don’t get a response right away on the comments section, I will get to it and I have not forgotten you πŸ˜‰ 
I love this pattern so much because it has such great potential for modifications! Here is what I did:
I added 6″ to the length (this is a shirt pattern so you have to adjust) I made the neckline a Vneck, shortened the sleeves and took them in for a more fitted look. I used a cotton pique fabric and it worked great, it holds it’s shape easily.
I got my necklace fro Charlotte Russe
  I wore the new shoes hubby got me from Bebe, I love them!!
My Kate Spade Red-Orange Bag
mimi g.


63 thoughts on “DIY Dress: NL6083 Modified Again!

  1. I must say I have come across your designs on Pinterest and am FLOORED EVERY TIME! Your skills are impeccable and even thought its late (I just got in from church, Happy Easter btw) I can't stop perusing your blog! I have NEVER thought about sewing until very recently and between your style and designs and the things I keep finding on Pinterest, I am going to take a beginners sewing class. I have to do something! Lol! Plus, I have sewing in my bloodline- My grandmother was a seamstress! Thank you for being you and inspiring us to be more!

  2. I love all of your outfits you sew. I bought a machine a year ago and several patterns and took a few classes. Have yet to sew anything. Have only done some minor alterations but you inspire me so much! I wish for your sewing talent one day! I love those shoes! I almost bought them from Ross the other day but in camel. You might want to go get the camel colored ones, they would look great on you just like the black ones. FYI- they are only $24.99!

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