Todays Vlog + What I Wore


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What I Wore…

This dress is as comfy as it gets! its from Old navy (old) and I love it! except that unless I want to look “loose” LOL I have to wear a t-shirt or tank underneath or my itty bitty’s may make an appearance and we don’t want that!  

I love when I get home and my hubby has bought me flowers and places then in different rooms in the house πŸ™‚ He is a keeper I tell ya! 
mimi g.


30 thoughts on “Todays Vlog + What I Wore

  1. You look great lady…especially for a casual look….only you could get away with looking chic and comfortable. And your husband is definately a keeper, maybe he could teach mine a few tricks.

  2. Hey sweetheart! To answer your question my hubby hasn't sewn anything but I button his entire life but he knows a little about everything which is why I asked him lol. He said sewing my own clothes itself may not be difficult, the hard part is in ensuring the quality of the finish and that the garment stays together. Would you agree?

  3. Hi Mimi,I just happened to come across your vlog on pinterest. I love it! I know u make ur own clothes as a hobby but im curious what do u actually do for work?

  4. I love this look. I am beginning to feel inspired by your style and think I am going to explore the possibility of learning to sew. Maybe just the basics for now though! Lol. Keep looking fabulous mimi!

  5. I would agree πŸ™‚ Sewing it together is the day part, making it fit properly and looking NOT home made is the key πŸ˜‰ you will get there, you just have to get started.xoxo

  6. Your hubby is so sweet… You are so lucky Mimi hehe:) I just read other comments above and that you working in Film and Production ?? wow that is sound very cool job you have.BTW about my sewing progress went well for now. I already know how to make a easy tops without pattern. And I am very addicted to my "Brother" everyday what I am doing just sewing haha. Thanks to you my dear to get me started ;)Happy Easter for You and family!xoxoMinnie

  7. I'm big on modesty and I love how you put the tee under the dress!! Such a great idea. I've avoided a lot of maxi dresses b/c of the spaghetti straps but I may have to try this look out. Thanks for the inspiration (^_^)

  8. I LOVE this dress! I prefer midi to longer skirt lengths, but never find anything cute while shopping (or maybe I just don't look hard enough, lol). Anyhow, like how you paired it with the tank.

  9. I was so touched that you mentioned my name in your video. I had to play it back and let my hubby hear it. He was like,"What! Wow." You are a gem to make people feel special. You are a real people person, I see. Anyhow, I love this dress! I have wide hips so dress like that gives me a slimming look. I do still like pleats, but depending on the fabric, it might make me look like I am wearing an umbrella for a skirt! LOL!!!

  10. Oh my gosh!!! That was so sweet of you to mention me in your Vlog:) My hubby thought I was crazy cause I was giggling. LOL!! Anyway, I LOVE your much so it has inspired me to pull out a similar pattern I've made before (and said I'd never make again) and try my hand at adding length to it. NOTE: Now is the time to start praying for me:)

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