DIY Tutorial: Maxi Skirt! Start to Finish Video

Yay! I got it done. This was the strangest day and nothing wanted to work right, LOL but alas here is the video and instructions if you want to print them out.

Maxi Skirt also doubles as a Dress!

Video Tutorial


mimi g.


70 thoughts on “DIY Tutorial: Maxi Skirt! Start to Finish Video

  1. Thanks! I appreciate your tuts (lol). I am going to to try the maxi and the pencil skirt this weekend and will post pics. I'm 6'3" and although I do very well finding clothes for my height, I always wanted to learn how to sew. I am a novice but catch on quick. These should be easy since they don't have zippers!! Thanks for the inspiration, you and Erica B. def motivate me. Found both of you guys on PR. I can say sewing is fun and relaxes me. Once you figure out your fit it is smooth sailing. You don't want the "grandma" fits. I am not down with that! Stay Fly!! Jabs…Here's to 35 & Fab

  2. What type of iron ate you using? Also did you line V1250 (green dress), The V8146 (pink MK knockoff), and the B5672 (cream/off white dress? If so what did you use?

  3. This is a clearly explained tutorial. I'm sure you will inspire many new sewers and you are reminding experienced ones that sometimes the simplest way is the best!

  4. How did I just find this blog? I will not be sleeping tonight and catching up on your blog instead. I am wondering if there would be a way to modify the waist measurement for a plus size skirt? The waist would be 40 inches and I am thinking it might just be too much fabric…kind of bulky? But maybe not!

  5. your tutorial is so great…….you do such a good job telling people little things that i would assume everyone would know……but to the point, not overwhelming info…thanks so much for sharing…

  6. I made this skirt and it turned out great. I did not even know I wanted to learn how to sew. You have inspired me to do more with sewing. My daughters now what me to make them one.

  7. Mimi, I love this skirt and plan on making it next week. What should I do if I want to make it knee length instead of floor length?

  8. such a cracking idea! I will be making this, and the other maxi's you've kindly posted for us. For a few good reasons… 4 children = thread veins and a few varicose one added in, and the last baby of the bunch is still feeding, so easy to just drop one side and whap out the milky bar!Thanks again, I'll put a link to you on my blog, rest assured!… If you could also give me some advice regarding putting a tutorial onto a blog I'd really appreciate it too, Just can not do it!;-) x

  9. I just got finished with making mine! Thanks so much for the video! I agree with Mother of four, I'm still feeding my youngest from the tap and this is going to make feeding him so much easier!

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