Knock Off + Tut While Im At It?

I saw this maxi dress on net-a-porter and I love it! so I am going to make myself one, I figured while I do that I can turn it into another tutorial since it’s such an easy dress it would be a great beginner tutorial. Yay?
mimi g.

62 thoughts on “Knock Off + Tut While Im At It?

  1. Hi Mimi, a friend emailed your blog link to me a few months ago. I took a quick look , enjoyed what I saw and added it to this list of things to get back to when I had time. Well, that day finally came and I'm so in love with your blog. I've been working my way back through your blog because I want to see everything you've posted. I even read you blog in the car while riding (yes riding not drivig) home with my husband. Last night I made two maxi skirts for myself and tonight I'm going to make two for my daughter. You've inspired me to start sewing for myself again. I love your view on sewing for others and that's what I've been doing. Spending all my precious time sewing for others. Not anymore, I'm going to sew for me and my daughter. I can't wait to get home to my sewing machine.

  2. Yes, please! Your tutorials are so amazing. With them you can modify, and add your own little flare to it!I liveeeee for your tutorials! So, yay, yay, and yay!

  3. Hi Mimi I new to your page and to sewing, but I luv your flavor and sytle. I can't wait to see the tutorial. I collected some photos of inspiration dresses out the magazine. And Banana Republic had one very similar to this style. So needless to say I'm amped!!!!

  4. Hi Mimi, I new to sewing and your page as well. I love your style and flavor! I am looking forward to this tutorial! I collected some inspiration dresses out of fashion magazines. And one was of Banana Republic dress very similar this one. So needless to say I'm amped! I am so glad I came across your page and your thanking me already! Your such a sweetie!

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