What I Wore + It’s Raining Again!

Ugh! I am so tired of this California weather, it was in the 80’s Monday and now its in the low 60’s and raining on and off all day, then the sun comes out and tricks you, giving you hope of a clear day….SMH

Get it together Cali!

Gap Sweater, F21 Jeans, Steve Madden Boots

mimi g.


13 thoughts on “What I Wore + It’s Raining Again!

  1. LOL. Guess even the people in Cali complain about the weather. Im in Chicago and we had a mini spring and now its back to winter type weather. I keep saying I want to move to a warmer place. Guess weather is the one thing you can't escape.

  2. Cute outfit…I'm in North Carolina and it's weird that the weather in California sounds similiar to what we are experiencing this week. BTW, Mimi, I tried to follow you on Pinterest. I thought I was already signed up…do you have to 'Invite' me or something? If so, do you need my email address?

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