Todays Vlog 4.12 + What I Wore

What I Wore
Zara Blazer Which I freakin LOVE!! I was going to knock it off but I could not find the right fabric for it so instead I bought it.

MK Bag, MK Heels

 Michael Kors Heel Sandals
NYX Polish “Between Mauve & Purple”
mimi g.


50 thoughts on “Todays Vlog 4.12 + What I Wore

  1. Hey Girl! The jacket and heels r killer ๐Ÿ˜‰ u look fantastic, como siempre. I was dying with the soccer mom thing. Nothing against it, but I'm with you on not letting yourself go. Good luck in Vegas! Gretchen

  2. Hey Mimi,Funny how you hit on two things that were on my mind today. One – the question about where you work. I was just thinking about asking when I clicked play and viola there you were answering my unspoken question. lolol And two – about life getting in the way of being fabulous and putting yourself first. I admit I have fallen into a rut, but I've vowed, especially after checking your blog everyday, that I'm going to get it together. lolol. Thanks, your blog is definitely inspiring.

  3. Not sure if anyone has asked you this before as I am fairly new to your lovely blog (just one week and I've probably read every single post from 2008 till now lol so if its in here I just missed it) but I wanted to ask about your nails since you always post the prettiest colors and the brand of polish you use. Do you get them done? or do you do them yourself? since it seems they change up quite frequently!!!

  4. I always follow your blog from Google Reader, but this blazer deserves a comment. Amazing!! What a statement piece! I can see why you wanted to make a knock off.

  5. I usually follow your blog from Google Reader but this blazer deserves a comment. Gorgeous!! What a statement piece!! I can see why you wanted to make a knock off.

  6. omg this blazer is amazing I love love love it you look fab honey and yes I wear heels every where I go Im all about being fabolous every day all day why not right? Please please please keep doing videos I love them they make my day!! Good luck in Vegas have fun !!!

  7. I found your blog on pinterest and i love love love it. I love ur outfits! And im with you i have two kids and im not the soccer mom type lol

  8. Hi mimi! I found your blog on pinterest and i love love love it! I totally with you on the not lookin like a soccer mom. Gotta stay cute! Lol love ya

  9. You have absolutely got to knock off that jacket, gotta do it. And you look so pretty! You look so pretty every day – and I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you're doing videos (almost) every day now. I really look forward to them! Have a great time in Vegas and I will be looking for those fabulous heels with your jeans & t-shirt! LOL!

  10. MiMi I love your style!! I do not know how to sew at all…but you have me calling my local fabric store (which is 45 minutes away) for beginning classes… Can you please do a vlog about how you polish your nails. I have a few Wet N Wild polishes but when I use it, it never seems to be as bold as yours. Mine always appears see through!Thanks,Ebone'

  11. The blazer is awesome and i have just the fabric for it…not bright yellow, mind you. BUT, my heart skipped a beat when I saw the shoes….AWESOME shoes…lol.Wonder if they are online and affordable for my

  12. When you are back please post a pic with you and your children….it would be great to see you and your children together.AND, I am going to sew the Maxi skirt. THANKS for the tutorial!Heather

  13. Love all of your ideas and pattern reviews! Your maxi skirt tutorial was the best one I have found and was actually easy to do. I am new to sewing and was in downtown LA looking for different fabrics but was overwhelmed by all the choices. Do you have any suggestions on a good fabric stores and any type of fabric that will look good and is easy to work with? Thanks so much!!

  14. You look fab, as usual! I love how a simple white tank or tee, a pair of jeans and a great shoe can instantly be that much more when you add a jacket/blazer! I love that jacket! A great choice to purchase, even though I know if you would have made one yourself it would be great too!

  15. Hi Mimi,Salome here – new follower from Israel. I love your work and your fabulous style!Thank you for all the inspiration and tips, can't wait to start doing your tutorials. As I'm a full time graphic designer, I always straggle to find time for my beloved sewing projects and since I came across your blog I'm "making" more time for it and doing much more sewing! Thank you!!!Always a pleasure to hear your updates, hope you'll have a good time at Vegas, I'm sure you give that T-shirt + logo plenty of style :)Salome

  16. Have a great time in Vegas even if you're working. I agree, a woman must always try to look good just because. I enjoyed the video too! You are awesome!

  17. I am your size; hint hint; lol I can fit that blazer.So glad I found your fashion site; I went out and purchased some tshirts this weekend.I am in Scrubs all week; I live for the weekend. Your my fashionista inspiration.

  18. I probably spend more money because I sew, lol on fabric, and notions. I sew because I like it and I can make it better than the overpriced stores sometimes ๐Ÿ˜‰

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