IM BACK!! Woot Woot!

OMG I have missed you guys but I am back and took today to rest up, I was BEAT. We drove home through the desert yesterday and I got so sunburned so bad it looked like someone had lit me on fire, LOL
Here are the last few pics from Vegas and what I did there and I will share some video of it during the next few posts but I wanted and needed to check in with you guys. I will be back to the regular scheduled program this weekend, lol and will be posting as usual. Thanks for all the emails, well wishes and comments and I will need to do a 3 part video Q&A/Shout outs to cover them all.
Vegas 2012
me at work, lol

I look good behind that camera, LOL

 My booth entertainment, they were so great and Ill share video over the next few days! love them!!
Left to right: Sebastian, Joel, Jasmin, Me, Andrew, Tisto and Jordan in the middle.
my daughter worked the show this year, aint she cute!
The dancers πŸ˜‰

The long ass drive home! there was literally nothing in death valley except a gas station with a good ol’ “cathouse” gotta love Nevada, LOL

The first thing I did today after sleeping in was go eat with the hubby, that food was amazing! I don’t EVEN want to know how many calories I consumed, LOL the pic of the hubby after eating cracks me up!

Then we headed down to the fashion district for some fabric shopping therapy, I bought a lot of fabric! which I will share over the next few days. 
This is Pilar, she is the only person I let cut for me when I am at Michael Levins, she is so great and funny and has been cutting my fabric for at least 8 years. No matter how many people are waiting to get fabric cut she always leaves and comes to take care of me, LOVE her!
mimi g.


24 thoughts on “IM BACK!! Woot Woot!

  1. Hey Mimi, welcome back!!Can you please do a video/blog post about how you keep in such fabulous shape? Do you work out? Are you on any kind of special diet?Would love to know!Thank you,Michelle x

  2. So glad you're back MiMi! Can't wait to see the fabric you purchased. I am going to try to make that off white ponte dress you did (B5672). Do you think a beginner can do that one?Thanx, GiGi

  3. So glad to have you back Mimi!!! You've been such an inspiration to me! I have pictures to upload for you. When I finish this second skirt I'll make sure to show you what Ive created. I do have one question do you know of a pattern for a strapless maxi dress that you like? I went to my favorite little fabric store and bought two Jersey knits that are perfect for summer maxi dresses! Help!

  4. Hi Mimi!! cant wait to see your new creations. I havent sewn in awhile and was all set to go make some of your cute outfits when I made a quick stop in the thrift store instead and quess what? I was able to replicate a lot of your ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. You are back! Sooo excited! Glad you had a safe one – LMAOOOOO@the last photo of your husband! Hilarious!Got a ? for you! I am really into vintage/retro patterns. I found some for 99cent at Joanns Fabrics. Would you suggest jumping in and trying with scrap fabric?

  6. Hi Mimi, I'm a new follower to your amazing blog. You are exceptionally talented/gifted and I look forward to your posts.My Mom and Grandma sewed professionally and are great at it. My Aunts dabble as well. I'm ashamed to say my sister and I didn't take an interest growing up and I will always regret it. I'm hoping age 34 is not too late for me to learn and become decently good at it. My Mom bought me a machine and as soon as I get my older son off to Pre-K this Fall (stay-at-home Mom of 2), I'm getting down to business. Thanks for your gift and inspiration. I look forward to your tuts.D.G.P.S. Feel free to shut me down if I'm getting personal, but is your Hubby Davis from the TV show "Girlfriends?"

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