What I Wore + Dropping Knowledge, LOL

Happy Hump Day!
Tomorrow is the big day, wooohooo!! LOL and I can’t wait to pick a winner šŸ˜‰ you guys are so great!
I want to let you know that tonight as soon as I get home from work I will edit the tutorial and post it, let us pray that the Internet upload speed gods are with me..LOL
What I Wore

I had this cute little skirt number all set for today and then I saw the weather and we are scheduled for a storm :-/ what in the world is going on in Cali! so I switched into my jeans and wrap. I made this wrap several weeks ago and wore it here and the jeans I picked up ages ago at Forever 21. I needed a pop of color today since it was dark and gloomy so I pulled out one of my favorite bags by Kate Spade, she has the greatest bag colors and the size of this bag is perfect, just big enough but not too big where I have to search endlessly like Mary Poppins in search of my keys šŸ˜‰
 BTW, Did you guys know that Kate Spade was the Senior Fashion Editor and Head of Accessories at Mademoiselle Magazine before she left to start her own company in 1991? she is truly one of my favorites! Kate really understands what women want in handbags and accessories and I really love her whimsical RTW collections too; they have a young, colorful and vibrant look about them and yet manage to be classic and elegant and very feminine which I love. I am dying for this Kate Spade Cardi!

Hope you have a bright and sunny day today šŸ˜‰
mimi g.


26 thoughts on “What I Wore + Dropping Knowledge, LOL

  1. I like the casual look…the wrap is a favorite item of mine. I always seem to reach for mine whenever I can't make up my mind about a top and it works beautifully with a tank under it.

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