Maxi Dress TUTORIAL!!!

Here it is!! 

Printable Instructions Click HERE
Sorry for the crappy pics, but by the time I finished the lighting was terrible and I was exhausted, lol
OMG! I hate those tan lines, must go fix this asap, LOL!!!


77 thoughts on “Maxi Dress TUTORIAL!!!

  1. I just finished a maxi to take on vacation. I stayed up late to make it. We leave tomorrow and I don't have a single thread packed LOL! I will be sure to send you a pic when I wear it. Thanks for a great tut mimi!

  2. Hello Mimi, my question has to do with Labafun"s question about the straps. Spaghetti straps won't work for me. Will it mess up the look of the dress if I did a wider strap? I would need something wide enough to cover a bra strap.

  3. Hello Mimi, In ref to Labafun's question about the straps. A spaghetti strap wouldn't work for me. Would a wider strap, to cover a bra strap mess up the look of the dress?

  4. You can make the straps wide enough to cover your bra, it won't look bad and I have a dress just like my tut with a wider strap 😉 it will look just fine.xoxo

  5. I already made your maxi skirt and maxi dress! Loved doing it! I never made my own clothes, but I saw your tutorials and I just had to sew it!Now, one week later, I bought a sewing machine and made already 5 new pieces! Thnx for sharing Mimi G.

  6. Mimi I can't keep up with you girl! I have made 2 maxi skirts in two weeks. I am so glad I brought enough fabric for this dress. And now I have to make the maxi skirt with the sash!!! Thanks for the tutorials!

  7. Mimi, you're awesome! Your tutorials are great!!! I didn't want to leave a post until I actually made my dress but I was looking at the gap website and saw the exact striped maxi dress on their website for $75.00!!! I can't believe it! And yours looks better made!I am so excited to make my dress! I ordered my fabric online, just a couple more days and it'll be here for me to sew it up! :)Thank you so much for taking your time to make the tutorials!

  8. Thanks for the tut Mimi. I got this done in an hour and I love it. I made a change in the cut above the waist at center back to allow for my sway back. Normally, these tops puddle too much back there. So I cut out 3inches from the top cb and graduated back up to the sides. See my blog.

  9. I made this today in about an hour and a half (I'm slow!!) and it was sooo easy. I modified it a bit to make the top less billowy – I turned it into an empire waistline. Love it – about to make another one.

  10. Hi there dear Mimi!!! thank you so much for this amazing tutorial!!! Very well explained and the most important thing is how you share your beautiful being to all… . You're very talented!!!Rainbow Hugs from Playa del Carmen, México. (Mayan Lands).Namasté, In lakesh.Sathya Susana =D

  11. Mimi, does the fabric need to be a knit fabric? I found some beautiful fabric but I'm just worried that the flow on the dress will not be the same if it's not a knit. Thanks in advance.

  12. Love this! Made two already, and got crazy with the second one and made a scalloped hem (that took me three tries to get right, LOL). Your blog is so inspiring, I'm an intermediate level sewer and I'm just loving all of your projects. I'm proud of myself that I can look at a lot of the patterns you make and can say 'hey, I think I can make that.' Thank you so much for showing the world how hip sewing can be!

  13. My daughter and I love what do and enjoy sewing the outfits are my style and my daughter, she wants me to make her the dresses. So that's my plan. Thank you so much tot bringing back sewing.

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