UPDATE! New Color Options + Still Taking Orders

Happy Saturday! Still Taking Orders

I suck at saying NO, LOL and the 20 orders were filled before I went to bed last night so THANK YOU but many of you didn’t get to place your order in time so I have decided to TAKE MORE ORDERS until Friday. I have added NEW color options and the orange and sky blue are no longer available.

Click title for details and read; ALL your questions are answered there.
red, teal, yellow, black

mimi g.


17 thoughts on “UPDATE! New Color Options + Still Taking Orders

  1. Hi Mimi! I'm Kim….I started following you about 1 month ago!!! I really don't have any sewing skills but you have encouraged me :). My 20 year old daugther started sewing when she was about 12 (she taught herself). She hasn't sewn anything in about 2 years, I showed her your blog and now she can't wait to sew again lol. Just wanted to let you know that I went out and bought a sewing machine today! We'll see how it goes!!! Thank you for blogging/youtube/pinterest and keeping people encouraged.

  2. Go Mimi. I'm making the maxi dress as we sp eak and I'm about to start making this maxi skirt. You are going to be exhausted after you're done, but at least your bank account won't be! Now you know darn well that 20 orders is going to be more like 100-200. Good luck. And call me if you need me! Lol

  3. MiMi,, I so hope that this adventure turns out to be all that you want. Once your customers wear their skirts, your name will be know all over the Country. You're gonna be a ROCK STAR!!!!Thank you for sharing you talent, time and energy. I've made 4 maxi skirts so far. I wore my red one to my birthday celebration on Saturday. People didn't believe that I knew how to make a skirt. I gave you all the credit. So you may have a few new followers :-)I'm in the process of making the maxi dress right now. Neon green and an orange one!!!! Thanks again, I'm really enjoying this learning experience.

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