Hello’s, Updates, Randomness, Orders…

Happy Sunday
I can’t wait to get dressed tomorrow so I can show you my latest DIY Dress from a new McCalls pattern!
mimi g.

8 thoughts on “Hello’s, Updates, Randomness, Orders…

  1. Again, you are so awesome…you are such an inspiration! Thanks to you…I just bought my very first sewing machine 🙂 I am so excited to start making some skirts and dresses and pants and jumpsuits.

  2. Mimi you are wonderful. We love you!!! You're like my news paper. Every morning I wake up and i'm watching the clock wondering what time are you going to get up and post your look for the day. lol You are 4hours behind me. I get super excited when you get up early. lol Keep it up. You are truly awesome!!!

  3. Hey Mimi. I was dead serious. Definitely will send contact info. I do not live near you at all, however, I have sewn and shipped things to LA very frequently to a couple of stylists. So holla at your girl. I did make this skirt, but I didn't use elastic. I'll try it again with 2"- 3" elastic waistband. I'm taking pics tomorrow and sending!

  4. Watched your vlog with you trying on the V. Fox wig and girl you had me cracking up! LOL I remember when my momma would get a new wig and be in the bathroom for hours messing with that thang! She would come out looking like Diana Ross! lol I love it, love you and love your blog. Totally added you to my blogroll! Kiah

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