I’m Wearing Favorites + Damn Knee

It’s Tuesday and I am in for a fun filled day of running around so today was a jeans and sneakers kinda day. If you don’t know, I have a really bad knee which my doc says now has zero cartilage and is basically bone on bone and just for kicks my knee decided it also wanted a case of arthritis under the knee cap..how nice! LOL
The odd thing is that you would think because of my bad knee that I would need to wear flat shoes often but it is actually the other way around for me. When I wear heels I think my body weight shifts and I can go all day without a single bit of pain from my knee but if I wear flats for more than a day my knee starts to hurt so bad, isn’t that strange? LOL any excuse to justify my wearing 6″ heels daily BWHAHAHAHAH
Today I just couldn’t imagine running around in heels so I will use up my “one day flat shoe allowance” 

 Wearing Favorites!
I love my GAP T-shirt because it says London on it and London is one of my favorite cities ever! I always have such an amazing time when I am there and I can’t wait to get back! My jeans are from Express which I am sure you have seen me wear several times, they are so COMFY and have just enough distress and slouchiness for me. I buy jeans at different places but I think these are in my top ten.
Now let’s talk about my Jacket, Can I just tell you that I bought this Jacket at GAP about 5 years ago and I LOVE IT! I wish they would release it again in different colors so I buy more, lol and of course I am carrying my latest Michael Kors purchase (bought it last month), this bag is so the right size and it it is quickly becoming a fav of mine to carry! Im wearing my Sketchers plain white sneaks and my Favorite Tory Burch Sunnies, I love how dark they are and kinda bad ass, lol
mimi g.


23 thoughts on “I’m Wearing Favorites + Damn Knee

  1. Girl my knees are in the same sad state. I can't stop rocking my heels though, til the knees fall off. lolCute casual look, the jacket takes it up a nice notch.

  2. Actually, im the same way!! Youre not alone LolHeels are so much more comfortable for me (2 Knee surgeries on the left)

  3. Mimi I like the laid back comfy run around town outfit. Oops that's a mouth full. Lol Anyway, chic and cute as always. When I read the part about your knee, I said to myself, "me too." But it's both knees for me.

  4. OMG Mimi, get some glucosamine from Amway. I get it from my friends website. Send u the link tomorrow – on that computer. My mom is bone on bone and felt relief overnight.

  5. Hi i amfrom new Zealand. My question to you is how do you fit your clothes that you sew for yourself . Do you use a clothes dumbly or what. I have been sewing since I was little now I have 3 teenage kids. So a lot of sewing has happened but I can't get the exact fit for me that I can do for othersGlenda from new zealand

  6. Hey mimi, this is yaddy from ny..in regards to the t we have them back in so many summer colors, i work for the company and we have an amazing collection of ts right nothe milan t in a floresent pink..check out yopur local gap! great blog!

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