Best Day Ever!!

This Was a Great Day!!
Our 18 year old daughter has been doing so well and we are so proud of her! she holds down a 9-5 job and then goes to school from 5:30-10:00pm 5 days a week and is kicking butt so we wanted to surprise her with her very own FIRST CAR!!! We surprised her at work!


mimi g.

48 thoughts on “Best Day Ever!!

  1. I love that your daughter is doing her thing, I love that you were almost as excited as she was and what I love most is that even in the middle of what was surely up to this point in her life, the best moment ever she took time to connect with her baby brother. AWESOME!!!!!!

  2. KUDOSSSS! how wonderful to reward your daughter for her hard work. Many blessings to her. Ok I am getting teary eyeeeee! Congratulation to her!

  3. This is so fantastic! My parents did something similar for me when I turned 18. I was working and going to school, and they bought me a 1986 Toyota Camry. Lord, but I loved that car – even though it was 13 years old, it ran so well. New to the blog here (I'm a book blogger just turned 31 realizing my fashion has slowly begun to lack) and wanted to say you have a beautiful family!

  4. I cried! That was so incredibly awesome and proves how great and humble she is , you all are so blessed! Awesome and amazing parents I tell you. That must have been one of the greatest feelings in the world. I am truly touched. Thanks for sharing that. I just imagine how great it must feel to God to reward us His children. That was awesome!

  5. That is such a blessing!!! I'm sure she is a very happy girl right now. Tell her to keep doing her thing…it will truly pay off in the end.

  6. How exciting for your daughter! Your son has gotten so big! I remember when he was just a cute, chubby little baby. Yes, I have been lurking a long while. LOL.Peace, GiGi

  7. Awww!!! And congrats to your daughter! And to you! It's so wonderful to see a parent reward their child for doing the right thing and working hard! We are planning to buy our son a car next year also!! I hope he is as excited!! 🙂

  8. That is so awesome. I know she felt great as well as you and your husband. My daughter is graduating from HS this year and I can't wait to do this for her.

  9. Sweetest thing ever! Congrats. …and I think your friend knows my friends, sounding like there's 50 people in the background. Had me dying! -Gretchen

  10. Thats great. Believe or not, I have the same exact car as we speak,it's icy blue. My father bought it for me when I got my Drivers License at 19. It's a good running car,after five years still haven't cause any trouble. I'm so happy for her.

  11. Hi Mimi! What a great car!!! You have a 18, almost 19 years old girl? UAU! You are so young!!! 😀 Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment wit us! God protect your BEAUTIFUL and HARD WORKING daughter !!! Hapiness to you all!!! Kisses from Portugal, Helena Alves.

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