Todays Vlog + Found It! + Updates

Happy Hump Day!

Okay a few things first, I have located the open work sweater you guys wanted and have included the link below.

** I also have details on the June 23rd Event  I have created a page for it so make sure you click on the page tab above to access the page and full details including hotel recommendations, directions, RSVP  info etc.** I am NOT charging anything for my time for this event so you simply need to cover the cost of your travel and have you spending cash for fabric + lunch.

Vlog Update + Shout Out’s

What I Wore + Found It!

 F21 Relaxed Fit Sweater (link below), F21 Jeans (old) Go Jane Wedges (here)

I found it! now go get it before its gone, LOL
mimi g.


26 thoughts on “Todays Vlog + Found It! + Updates

  1. You look great as always! Love the look! I think that it is great that you have such a diverse group of followers who share the same interests, fashion and sewing!! You've made such a great impression on women of all ages!

  2. I enjoyed your "first car" story -very funny! I've got a feeling that many of us can relate. I also want to thank you for being so generous with your time and talents. God bless.

  3. Mimi, girl u gotta put warning labels on your videos when you tell stories like this one about your first car. I watched the blog at work and lost it when I heard your solution for making it go in reverse. LMAO! my boss walked by right at that moment – I thought I was gonna get fired!! LolI love your vlogs – they are personal and genuine. Please keep vlogging they make me laugh!! Gretchen

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