HnM Fall 2012: My Picks

 H&M Fall 2012 
I am fan of H&M and have been for years but sometimes going to my local H&M is like a being on a safari adventure where I have to carefully stalk my prey and when I spot it I pounce on it until it’s at my mercy….yes it is that serious!
I often find myself searching high an low for that one item I spotted but of course cannot find anywhere in the store *humph* but I always find great little items and if you are NOT there just to locate the 12 items that are $9.99 then you have a good shot of finding a nicely made piece that you can easily work into your wardrobe. 
Trendy or not H&M does carry a considerable amount of “classic” items that can be worn throughout the year, you just have to look, carefully plan and attack! because if it’s the hot item most likely you won’t find it. 
Here are my favorites
 H&M Fall 2012 Look Book
This coat and the slim fit of those pants are EVERYTHING, I will be putting on my safari gear to hunt this baby down when in stores.

I’m into the baseball cap trend but haven’t tried to pull it off yet. I like the stud sparkle added and that sequin dress is HOT. TO . DEATH

UMMMM yes please send me those pants, sweater and that fierce little peplum belt. Thank you in advance.

If I don’t find this jacket when in stores and I see you walking down the street with it on I will club you over the head and take it, LMAO *Beware of mimi g. if seen wearing a safari jacket and hat, she is on the prowl*

DIE. this chunky sweater is the end all for me, I swear if I can’t find it I am going to lock myself up in my room with some big ass knitting needles, yarn and  I WILL MAKE THIS SWEATER!
That Coat. That Bag. Tis’all
mimi g.


17 thoughts on “HnM Fall 2012: My Picks

  1. Hi Mimi *waving (newbie here)Your descriptions had me rollllling!!! … Sounded just like me talking. Hee hee..They just don't understand the passion we have for clothing. It is serious! LOLWhen you said lock yourself in your room, I would've finished with … and cried. LOL. Can't knit!I have a random question, do you ever sew anything by hand?

  2. LOL! I hear you girl, at least you can get to a store. Since I left New York it's DANG NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to get anything from H&M. They won't be building one here in Miami until 2013!!! I might have to drive up to the one in West Palm though to get some of these pieces for the fall. Loving it all.

  3. Hi Newbie!!! LOL @ and cried!I sew by hand a lot actually because a lot of couture techniques require hand sewing so if I am making for example a blazer I sew a lot of things by hand. It is time consuming 😉

  4. I watch it sometimes, it frustrates me to see some of the stuff the put on the runway sometimes, lolI saw some of the fashion start pieces at H&M, some were really cute!

  5. You CAN make that sweater, y'know. The cables aren't difficult at all. Have you checked out I found you through a friend who has been through various crafts with me (soapmaking, candlemaking, sewing, spinning, knitting….). I can't seem to get away from the knitting. I'm addicted. I never put the needles down…

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