Saturday DIY Maxi + Baby Boy Turns 5

Happy Saturday Guys!

What a busy day today. My youngest turned 5 today and so when asked where he wanted to go he replied Chuck e Cheese….why do kids love that place? LOL So off we went.
 I could just eat him!!!!
Word Son! LOL

What I Wore
DIY Maxi/ Pattern Here

mimi g.

35 thoughts on “Saturday DIY Maxi + Baby Boy Turns 5

  1. I absolutely despise Chuck E. Cheese…lol. I try my best to not go in that direction because I know my daughter will harass me about going…But you look GREAT!…and Happy Birthday to the little man!

  2. He is soo cute, I got a kick out of the "word son" picture lol it reminds me of when I was back home in NYC. Enjoy him & the rest of your beautiful babies & Happy Mothers Day!

  3. He looks a lot like your hubby! What a cute family! I wanna look as good as you when I've got 6kids! lol..Happy Birthday to your little boy!Oh, and you gotta tell us whether you work out really hard or starve yourself even harder

  4. How cute are these pics? I hope you had a awesome Mother's Day!When my daughter was younger…she loved Chuck e Cheeses! That was her favorite place of all time! lol

  5. I must admit I like the chevron maxi dress especially the color scheme. I've always been a little leery of maxi dresses b/c of my height. Usually the ones I find in stores that I like are too long or I'd have to wear with a heel with it. Seeing you wear maxis all the time has made me reconsider the maxi dress/skirt. Nowhere near a seamstress, but you inspired me to seek a maxi to hem. Who knows maybe I'll even kick it up a notch and DIY my own maxi! As usual you look great!HBD to your little one, I have a son too, he turned 5 last month! Hope you had a lovely Mothers Day!

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