DIY Kelly Green/Gold Top + Dark Denim + Bebe Wedges

Happy Tuesday Darlings!

What can I say…Im so tired and excited all at the same time. I am on the grind and trying to keep up! Yesterday I had a great meeting with a seamstress who I am thinking of hiring to start handling some projects I am working on and so that was awesome! although I had such a massive headache yesterday and kept trying to work through it, I almost cried like a baby…LOL! But I am feeling much better today and refreshed!
What I Wore
Skinny Dark Jeans Similar here and here / Cat Eye Sunnies Similar here and here
 Bebe Gold Wedges Similar here
 DIY Top, I found this fabric a while back in downtown and loved it! I made this top several months ago and recently found it in my closet, LOL things get lost in there πŸ˜‰
 Michael Kors Watch Similar here
mimi g.

37 thoughts on “DIY Kelly Green/Gold Top + Dark Denim + Bebe Wedges

  1. Hello Mimi!!!!It's been a while since I have commented, been busy on this side of the nation. (GA) Anyhow, I love that blouse!!! And those shoes are Rockin'.

  2. You look fabulous and I have a concoction I made for migraines to send you. Used to work like a charm on your brother. Unless he was faking. lol I will send it with your package. We are almost ready.

  3. I'm so proud of you Miss Mimi!! I know you were particularly interested in retail at first, but I'm so happy you've decided to grace the world with a glimpse of your fabulousness!!! ;)keep up the good work!!

  4. Great look Mimi! Casual, but not too flashy… And the green… I so heart (lol). Have you ever considered creating an online boutique of some sort? I love your style. You have relatable looks that people (including myself) can gather inspiration from. T

  5. Love the blouse MiMi and the fact that you made it makes it more wonderful. I wish I could DIY a blouse like so. I absolutely love the design and pattern. The gold swirls on 'mint green?!' is gorgeous and I like the pop of royal blue nail polish!

  6. Hi Mimi,I love the outfit,special the top. What type of fabric is is this ? Please post DIY top soon. I have had a sewing machine for years and took a sewing class at Hobby Lobby and made a pair of pajama pant and I'm ready to start my next project and this is it. First is it easy. I'm just at new starter. Love your Vlog,

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