Bebe Mitered Striped Maxi + Bebe Bag

Hello Darlings! one more day until Friday!! wooohooo
I gotta tell you that I am in love with this dress!! I usually won’t buy something I can easily make unless the fabric calls to me and this one did just that. It fits amazing and feels very glam.
Get The Look
Bebe Mitered Striped Dress here / Bebe Chain Link Bag here / BCBG Bracelet here
 BCBG Crystal Bangle here / Bebe Bag here
  It gets cold in my office so I took my card just in case I start freezing and the nips start to show, BWHAHAHAH BTW, here is a tip you prob already know but…I use band aids on my nips if I am not wearing a bra and don’t want to be “poking out” LOL…Just saying!
mimi g.


38 thoughts on “Bebe Mitered Striped Maxi + Bebe Bag

  1. I usually can wear them with flats but this one was long. I am 5'4" and had to wear my 4.5" high wedges with this one and it's still just grazing the floor.

  2. That is an AWESOME DRESS!!!! I love the diagonal or bias striped dresses out now! They are fabulous. I am starting on making some maxi dresses since I just received my Mission Maxi pattern from Jamie Christina yesterday! Yay!!! A little bit nervous about starting and excited at the same time. You are such an inspiration!!!

  3. That fabric is amazing. Thanks for the tip re the nips, sometimes mine come through even if am wearing bra. I won't be looking back now. Waterproof plasters am coming to get you. . . .

  4. Luv the dress!!! Band-aids! ROFL! I guess! Me braless with band-aids? I need those big one's you use when you bust open your knee!!! LOL!!

  5. Dude. I seriously gasped when I saw the pictures! I LOOVE that dress, it fits you amazingly!! Love, love, love!! Girl, can I raid your closet for a day?! haha

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