Seeing Dots! F21 Dress + Steve Madden Wedges

Hi Darlings!

Today’s Vlog but first the kid wanted to make a cameo appearance 😉

What I Wore..

Get The Look!

Polka Dot Dropped Waist Dress $22 HERE / Steve Madden Wedges (similar) $129 HERE
Accessories: Linked Below 


 Fallen Leaves Necklace $2.80 HERE / Rhinestone Shell Ring $6.80 HERE / Double Curve Ring $3.80 HERE / Beaded Woven Cuff $4.80 HERE / Double Wrap Black Belt (similar) $23 HERE
Michael Kors Python Embossed Bag $248 HERE

mimi g.


19 thoughts on “Seeing Dots! F21 Dress + Steve Madden Wedges

  1. Mimi….thank you for sharing some of your fitness tips. Yes you've got awesome style….but honey that body is fierce! Thanks for the tips..still trying to rid the last of that baby weight (almost 3 years later). LOL! You rock!

  2. LOVE this outfit! 🙂 And I am glad you said that if you want a cheeseburger or pizza you have it! I do that too…eat healthy for the most part and if I feel like I need it I eat it! lol! I have fibromyalgia and exercising is painful for me…but I can get on the bike at the gym and that works for me! ❤ you Mimi!!! Oh and I wish I could make it to the "Meet and Greet" but it's not in the budget LOL! But I will be watching your blog for videos!

  3. Honestly Mimi….if not for the way you styled this dress, I would not look twice at it. It looks flat and unimpressive on the model.D.

  4. I would have to agree with what Doris said about the dress. You really know how to wear your clothes and bring life to them. You have really changed the way that I view my own outfits. It is really fun! By the way, I am so happy that you are going to video tape the June 23rd Meet up!!! I wish that I could join you there, but I am glad that I get to be a part sort of. LOL! Keep your inspirations coming!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing your fitness and eating regimen. I'm with you on occasionally eating what may not be so great for you and moving on. I read an article last week that said if you eat healthy 90% of the time it doesn't hurt to eat unhealthy 10%. I've been doing Insanity with 90% healthy eating for about two weeks now and lost 5 lbs/1 inch all around. At first I felt guilty if I had half a cookie, but now if I crave something I eat it and work it off on my next workout and continue to stick to eating as healthy as possible. I feel sometimes the guilt over some of the things we eat is what set some of us back from our fitness goals.

  6. I love the way you put everything together and you prove over and over again that when you have a true eye fashion you can shop any where and make anything look good!!! You look fab to have birthed 5 children. Aisha B

  7. I was laughing when you mentioned the pole dancing class!LOL….. I have always wanted to try it, but can never find anyone to go with! I love your energy and you have a great sense of style*__*

  8. Sistah you ROCK!!!! You have such amazing style, I love the way you put it all together. Wish I could have made the meet and greet to meet you, hopefully I will be able to make one in the future. BTW- My name is Rhonda and thanks for the shout out, glad to have found the blog. As soon as I finish school, I will start my blog "All Things Worthy of Praise" and trust me I plan to have you as a guest, claiming it already, just like that bracelet, lol!!!! Be blessed!

  9. Adorable dress, what I luv most about u is that you're yourself . So many bloggers try to be others and it makes me loose interest , so I just want to say thank you for just keeping it real all the time w/us . Originals last forever xoxo Melissa of faithfamilyfashion

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