Pretty In Pink Blazer + Jeans + Leopard Shoes

Hello Everyone!
I am going to keep it short today and just show you what I am wearing, I am feeling sorta out of it and will go into detail later. Send me good wishes and vibes, I need them today!
Get The Look…
Forever 21 Blazer $29.80 Here / Top (I can’t find it) Will keep looking / Shoes Dorothy Perkins (sold out)

mimi g.

27 thoughts on “Pretty In Pink Blazer + Jeans + Leopard Shoes

  1. Awww Mimi, good vibes and good prayers and peace coming your way. Have a good day 😉 You look beautiful…love the colors

  2. Praying every issue concerning you be settled in Jesus Name! May every attack be confused and bought to nought. Lord allow every thing that is not of you be turned into a testimony for your glory! It is so, in Jesus name, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!!

  3. This too shall pass. Believe it in your heart and you shall have peace and overcome whatever it is that you are going through. Here is another good Vibe….Joann's is having a pattern sale beginning tomorrow. Their Simplicity patterns will be on sale for 5 for $5. Offer valid 5/25/2012 through 5/28/2012 Find it at: Jo-Ann Stores

  4. Girlfriend, you been looking too dang cute lately! The little polka dot dress from a few posts ago is right up my alley (girl I been so busy, I have to resort to combining posts from a few days ago. Hehehe) and I love your shirt and blazer in this one…. Love blazers bc the pull a look together instantly. Anyway, say fabulous! Gretchen

  5. I have had that shirt on my forever21 wishlist for MONTHS…you convinced me that it needs to be in my closet, I love it on you…here is the link for the shirt

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