Style Pantry + Mimi G. Collaboration

Happy Friday!

Today I am skipping the “daily look” and instead am sharing the 2nd part of the Folake + Mimi Collaboration!
Last week you may remember she posted her first look inspired by the film “Snow White & The Huntsman” and today Folake posted the 2nd look of a 3 look series. When Folake and I sat down to go over what she wanted I went home and sketched some ideas, it was almost immediate how quickly she and I connected and so based on my sketches I moved forward; first creating the Big Bow Skirt which initially was going to be yellow and then she decided on a regal black look 😉 and today she is showing out!! in my Kelly Green Slacks and Exaggerated Sleeve Peplum Top.
This is the sketch I did after we first met…
Folake Wearing Mimi G.

Excerpt from Folake’s blog post: This is my second Snow White and the Huntsman inspired look in collaboration with NBC Universal (see first look here). Again I collaborated with the fabulous Mimi G. to create this outfit. Starting from pencil and paper, it’s amazing to see Mimi’s and my vision alive in this outfit.

mimi g.


77 thoughts on “Style Pantry + Mimi G. Collaboration

  1. Hi doll, yes it was self drafted but there are several patterns out there (vogue) that have a similar peplum pattern minus the sleeves. Thank you!

  2. I need these slacks in my wardrobe! Would love to turn some heads as I march down Midtown on my way to the Office lol Absolute Perfection!Btw what Sewing Machine do you recommend for beginners?Besos,

  3. Beautiful and colorful. I'm just discovering your blogs today adn will check out your Etsy site. I agree with JennJenn — would love to see items for curvy sisters — even though your size 4 is the cutest! I'm getting there 🙂

  4. True. I watch last season and you would totally win it. It would be so easy for you. You see, it's midnight and I'm reading your comments. That's how much I love you blog. check on the show thing.

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