Neon Lights! Boyfriend, Heelless and Glowing

Hi Darlings!

I hope you all are having a fantabulous day. I am kinda not so good, lol my son got pink eye this weekend and this morning I woke up with my eyes glued shut! UGH!!!! I still went to work but don’t plan on taking these sunnies off AT. ALL!

Target Neon Tee $8.00 HERE / Target Boyfriend Jeans $24.99 HERE / LuLu’s Platform Heelless Shoes (Sold Out) 

 Im Glowing, LOL
mimi g.

46 thoughts on “Neon Lights! Boyfriend, Heelless and Glowing

  1. very nice – love those color shoes with your top!!! and the necklace is just perfect for the outfit – and You went to work to share the love huh? they would have sent my butt back home with that…lol hope you and your son feel better.

  2. Wow you look great, and I have been looking for a neon top! Thanks!!Sorry to hear about the lil one 😦 you should stay home too honey, pink eye is uber contagious!!

  3. I am glad I have found your blog, yes, really.I love your style, unique and rare. I 'll put you in my favourite and I am following are 35???? sure???? cut down as of 10 years babe… you look much younger!Love, Ylenia from Longuette

  4. Aww I sure hope you both are better soon! I love the color combo, such a cute outtie. I L.O.V.E those shoes, but would never try them *giggles* too old for that.

  5. Just make sure everyone washes their hands properly at home (especially you two since ur both contaminated) and sanitize stuff like door knobs and handles. I went through weeks of school while it was going around and never caught it

  6. Love love love love love this. Effortless and cool and those cobalt blue shoes are FIERCE! Made me almost fall out of this chair as I type πŸ˜‰

  7. Sorry you don't feel well today:( I love the color combination on your outfit. The way your rocking those shoes are FIERCE! You make not feeling well look fabulous (sounds crazy I know), but I hope you and your son start feeling better soon*__*

  8. i left you a comment on chictopia but i forgot to comment on those fab shoes. They don't look like shoes I could pull off but I'm seeing them everywhere. I love the color and the wooden bottom.

  9. Cute!!!! I almost bought the wedges you have on. They sell them on a couple of online sites. Isn't it amazing how easy it is to walk in those shoes?

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