My Culture….Gettin my dance on…back in the day!


I am sitting in my office going through old CDR’s with old pics and vids on them and a ran across a video that I haven’t seen in years (like 8) and it made me smile so I am sharing it.

I am puertorican for those who don’t already know that and I LOVE dancing salsa! I use to go all the time but after kids/marriage it slowed down significantly and now I g maybe once or twice a year but this video (which is terrible quality btw) is of me and and old friend name Jerry who use to meet me every so often to get a few dances in. I lost contact with Jerry and think he and his lovely wife moved back home but I so wish I could track them down…anyway… enjoy me when I was 10 years younger and about 15lbs lighter, LOL


42 thoughts on “My Culture….Gettin my dance on…back in the day!

  1. Awww schucks! Get it Mimi! I love salsa too! I don't get out nearly enough, as my fiancΓ© doesn't dance. I need to get out soon.

  2. I loved it!Me trajo bonitos recuerdos de mis tiempos de baile tambien! lolYo soy Dominicana y en mis tiempos bailaba merengue casi tosdos los fin de semanas, La salsa me encanta pero es mucho mas dificil de bailar y tu lo haces sin ningun esfuerzo, tremendo trompo tu! lolO'hala puedas salir mas a menudo a calentar la pista de vez en cuando porque eres toda una bailarina.

  3. I'm gonna learn to dance like that! Quick question, did your Jerry ever teach dance (like 50 years ago)? There's a girl on youtube who recently posted a video of a her and an older guy name Jerry who regularly attends her Zumba classes. It could be the lighting, but your Jerry looks a bit more tan. Anyway, here's the link to the video, it's worth a shot

  4. I'm a stepper!! Being from Chicago, I'm sure you know!! Dancing is such fun and wonderful exercise! I get out once a week! LOL!! My husband doesn't go as much but I get him out everyonce in awhile. But you are gettin it in!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Love this, You make me miss being home with my family 😦 There is nothing like being with my family – Salsa dancing, music, pernil y arroz con gandules, pasteles and more. I hope I get to see them this summer! Oh and btw, you had the dance floor hot like fire lol.

  6. WEPAAAAAA!!!I LOVE IT! That's the beauty of also being a New Yorker, you know about Salsa! Get it girl, you and homie are KILLIN IT!I agree with GFS, When you say "awww shit! LMMFAO!!!

  7. Go Mimi!!! Girl, you got some moves! Thanks for sharing the video. I love to dance too. When music is on, I just can't be still. I wish I was that good at dancing salsa though.

  8. Yes, "Rumba" was originated in Cuba. There is a significant difference in "Rumba" vs "Salsa" the speed, instruments, and percussion are different. Afro-Cuban Rumba is fantastic and the dances between both are based on the same 8 count but have differences in movements. The name "Salsa" was originated in NY by the first Salsa bands who thought the name "cuban dance music" didn't work well for marketing purposes.The origin of music in Puerto Rico is the bomba and plena, the Dominican is merengue, and then there is the Colombian cumbia. Salsa has evolved considerably over the years.But I always find it funny that Cubans and Puertoricans have always had a "disconnect" for several reasons, music being one of them.

  9. You better get it Mimi! I remember when I lived in NYC at parties, my mom would be dancing hord with her PR homies, and they would have her all over the dance floor! I used to be, and I still am in love with PR culture!

  10. Awesome! You're such a great dancer. After we our fabric meet-up, will you organize a salsa meet up and then teach me how to salsa? I've always wanted to!

  11. Hi Mimi,Wow! You definitely had your "Salsa Swag', on and your partner was pretty good himself! You looked marvelous dancing! I myself haven't salsa in years nor was I anyway near as good as you, especially in a partner format for some reason I would get all nervous w/them turns. (LOL) But it gave me GREAT exercise in ALL my body parts and that's why I kept up with it back then.Great clip of you. Thank you for sharing.Take care – Have a great Monday!Best Regards,Chloe' Collins

  12. Love this and the fact we are getting to know you. You live an extraordinary life!!! Will you be teaching salsa at the meet and greet? Lol

  13. Great video, great dance moves, great musics. Hope you get to do a little more of this with hubby when time allows πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing. P.S. My first time on your page I peeped your little PR flag inside the heart tattoo so I knew you was peeps lol.

  14. Hey Mimi, This is your long lost twin. In case you forgot, I commented about a month or so ago about my friend turning me on to your blog because she thought our styles were similar and also about the similarity of how we each get the "halle berry" reference. Anyway, I just had to comment again, because I'm sitting here at my desk at work, cracking up! I was just checking out the denim maxi skirt that you did last week (which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, BTW). Anyway, I have a nosy co-worker that has no respect for personal space. She walked behind my desk and I could hear her taking a few steps back and she bent down behind my shoulder and said " I like that skirt. It looks really cute on you." I just said "thank you". Lol! Just wanted to share my laugh for the day with you! Take Care! Oh! and cute dancing video!:-)

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