Learn to Sew: Maxi w/ Sash Step by Step Tutorial!!

Learn to Sew Series!

Hi darlings! Finally a start to finish video tutorial on how to make the maxi w/ sash. This video took me 12hrs today from start to finish after having to download, edit, export, upload etc..so I hope you enjoy and it clears up any questions you had on how to make it. Not only is it a tutorial from start to finish but you will learn how to put in a zipper add side pockets and gather your skirt. 
Don’t worry I won’t be charging for all my tuts but some that have more details/work cost me time and storage space on the net so I hope you will support my videos šŸ˜‰ so I don’t have to stop doing them.
***Download the Pocket Pattern HERE****
If you want Printable Instructions email me after purchase for the link.

You will need QUICKTIME to view the movie (download quicktime free HERE)
You will receive an email with a link to download the video. Please do not share the video with anyone who has not already purchased it, if you paid for it so should they šŸ˜‰
 If I notice that the link has been shared I will disable access to the person who shared it.


mimi g.

61 thoughts on “Learn to Sew: Maxi w/ Sash Step by Step Tutorial!!

  1. Mimi, this is genius. Love all of your tutorials and love how easy and accessible you make it for everyone to sew and accomplish a garment they can be proud of

  2. I just came across ur blog and I must say u are nothing short of AMAZING I will be downloading soon, Do you think a beginner will be able to make this ?look forward to chicking ur blog

  3. Ok I just finished my first try…WAY TOO BIG…but i did really good. Hubby was impressed. I guess I need a tutorial on how to correctly take my measurements….2nd try tomorrow

  4. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! You have the best style(similar to mine, smile) And this skirt, both maxi/mini is BEAUTIFUL! I have a question: Will your paid tutorials be offered for a limited time? Also, do you have recommendations for fabrics? I would like to the purchase the tutorial soon. I have never sewn before, using a sewing machine. I have plans to purchase one. I want to make this skirt for my birthday in July. Thank you so much for sharing you talents with us.

  5. I purchased the tutorial and could not save it to my computer "don't know why but it would not allow me to"! so I minimized it and never closed it! Tried to pull it up today (two days later) it would not allow me to open it again. How do I pull up the video to complete the skirt now that I have all the materials? OR am I limited to a certain amount of time to use the video? Thanks!scelestehoward@hotmail.com

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