Dark Wide Leg Jeans + Teal Balloon Hem Top

Hi Darlings!!
I know I owe you a vlog and will get on camera real soon, promise. 
So I ordered myself a lighting kit! LOL you know you are serious about blogging when you start setting up lighting kits in your studio, Cant wait! LOL! but anyway…..I got these jeans at Guess and I love them! they are so slimming but were kinda long so I had to take up the hem by 1/2″ other than that they are fabulous!
Get The Look..

Forever 21 Top (old) Similar HERE and obsessed with this one HERE / Guess Jeans ON SALE from $138 to $69! HERE / Michael Kors Bag (old) Similar HERE  Accessories:  Necklace (old) Similar HERE / Large Rosette Ring HERE / Bracelets HERE
MK Watch (old) Exact HERE 

yum my deodorant smells yummy! BWHAHAHAHAHAH

mimi g.

27 thoughts on “Dark Wide Leg Jeans + Teal Balloon Hem Top

  1. Yay to the lighting kit! Sounds like it's going to be fun. πŸ˜‰ Great outfit too! I really love how the colors came together in this look. Haha to smelling your deodarant. Too funny! ;0)You Like It? I Made It!http://youlikeitimadeit.blogspot.com/P.S.- FYI: I have been rocking the pencil skirt I made following your tut like it's nobody's business. It's da bomb.com. Thanks again for sharing πŸ˜‰ I've been encouraging my readers to check it out. πŸ˜‰

  2. Wow, I love this outfit…even though you didn't create this one, you still inspired me to run to the sewing room! That top is a must have! and I agree, that color combo is just outstanding!! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom! You rock Mimi!!!

  3. You look so pretty, girl!!!!! Great outfit. I'm still working on my maxi skirt. I didn't buy your sewing kit because I can sew enough to figure that one on my own. But I promise when you sell another with techniques I don't know I'll be the first one to buy. Love your work, girlfriend.

  4. Hey Mimi, I just found you and I am so happy I did!! You are my new favorite blogger! I love fashion and sewing ( I just mostly cut things up and change them!) I am Latina with short hair…I wish I could say I looked like you, but I don't, but I have short dark hair!!!! haha!!! Love your stuff, keep it comin'!!!

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