DIY Flirty Floral Dress + Saturday Lunch

Hi Darlings!!
Today my hubby and I took our youngest to the park and afterwards we went to this little quaint street near our home for lunch. I wore a DIY dress I made using New Look Pattern 6121 and kept it casual πŸ˜‰
he pattern looked cute and easy so I tried it, I like it belted and there was a ton of gathering but other than that it was pretty straightforward.


41 thoughts on “DIY Flirty Floral Dress + Saturday Lunch

  1. Yummy !Love the last photos hahaI adore your dress, very beautiful. BTW I just made my sequin skirt πŸ™‚ take a look if you have time later.Your boys are very charming and the little one very cute πŸ˜‰ Happy family , you are very lucky !!XoxoMinnie

  2. Very nice and comfy casual. I love your fabric choices, wish I lived closer so we can fabric shop together. I'll be finally starting a blog today, yay! Lol.*BWEnaj*

  3. The print and color are perfect for summer, and I love the off shoulder look. Those sandals are the same as the red ones in the other post, right?

  4. Great pics! Okay, It finally came to me…when I first saw this post it was bothering me cuz I couldn't figure out why I felt like I knew your husband from somewhere. Is he an actor?? Cuz he looks JUST LIKE Davis (the one who owned the restaurant) from Girlfriends!

  5. Oooooo I love that dress Ms. Mimi! It's gorgeous…especially with those pretty sandals! You have an adorable family! And you know you should not be tempting us with those awesome culinary shots if you're not going to share!!! LOL!

  6. Love the dress -very much like a Spanish influence- You have a beautiful family.I'm sorry to tell you Mimi but your son looks JUST like your hubby – you had nothing to do with him. Trust me I know, my daughter looks exactly like my husband. We just carried them for 9 months lol πŸ˜‰

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