Today’s Vlog + Black & White Chevron Maxi Love!

Hello Darlings!
Today is a busy day for me so I kept it simple and comfy! While I was out this past weekend with the hubby I stopped at this small boutique that had some cute stuff and I found this maxi. Now before you ask me, here are the reasons I didn’t just make it myself…LOL
1. I would have to find the striped black and white jersey with the exact same stripes.
2. Making a chevron maxi would require a lot of fabric because you have to cut each piece on a diagonal and that takes time (matching stripes) and a lot of fabric.
3. The dress was under $30 which would have been more if I bought the fabric, went home and then made it myself. Sometimes it makes sense for me to buy rather than make, but that doesn’t happen often 😉
Todays Vlog 

Get The Look

Maxi similar HERE, HERE, and I LOVE this one HERE
Necklace (old) / Kate Spade Bag (old) 

Sandals (old) from Wild Pair / Heart Ring from BCBG/ Cuff (old) Forever 21
mimi g.

21 thoughts on “Today’s Vlog + Black & White Chevron Maxi Love!

  1. Ok so the dress is nice, makes you look longer! I'm in love with the orange color bag and green nail polish, but the necklace is gorgeous!!! As always Mimi you are working it! Have a great day!

  2. OMG, You scared the mess out of me with that shout out, lol!!!!! I actually looked around the room to see who said my name 🙂 Thank you for that and thank you for the amazing tutorial. My daughter said she was so proud of me, she's 5 🙂 That made my day!

  3. Love the dress. I already have the fabric too make my own been planning on it but havent gotten around to it. I'm planning on using the Jamie Christina Maxi pattern. Yours looks fabulous with great styling as always!!!!

  4. Very cute. Sometimes you just have to opt for an already manufactured garment. Smetimes it pays to buy rather than fork over a bunch of cash on fabric to achieve the same look. You know I feel you on that one.

  5. This dress is gorgeous! I can't wait to get the dress form tutorial, I'm new to sewing so I know that's gonna help a whole lot!!But again, you look hott as always mami!

  6. Hi Mimi! You BY FAR are ONE OF THE MOST FLYEST, FASHIONABLE bloggers I have seen! You are supa' FLY! Keep them coming. And I love TOTALLY admire ALL of your sewing…wish I could sew. 🙂

  7. Oh my, I LOVE this dress! I have a similiar striped knit that I plan to for on the Mission Maxi pattern, however I don't think I'm skilled enough to put the stripes on the diagonal like that, LOL. It looks great on you…love the accessories and polish also.

  8. I have that necklace. I've never worn it because I couldn't figure out how to style it…and the way it sits only allows you to wear it with certain cuts around the neck area. I love it! And this is totally off subject. This is the 1st time I've been on your site and I'm going through pretty much EVERY POST…have you posted about your workout routine. Your body is bangin' lol. Oh, and visit my blog too,! 😉

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