Taking it Easy: Skinnies + Tee + Hat

Hi Darlings!
I spent my morning at the dentist office with my 14yr. old and then headed off to work. I never understand why they set appointments if you end up waiting anyway *humph*
I went to the gym last night after missing for several weeks (I do that) which I knew was kinda dumb as I am nearing my monthly cycle and my ovaries are in disarray and after a two hour workout I thought my uterus was about to fall the hell out, LOL 

Get The Look

F21 Skinnies Cuffed HERE / White Tee HERE / Necklace (similar) HERE love this one HERE / Hat (similar) HERE / Steve Madden Shoes (old) similar HERE / Coach Bag HERE

 Lord…Help not to over eat at lunch today so my bloated belly won’t show through this white t-shirt, LOL Thank you
“Look with your special eyes” BWHAHAHAH have you seen that commercial?

mimi g.

16 thoughts on “Taking it Easy: Skinnies + Tee + Hat

  1. Love your style!!! It's sophistaced and stylish. I think your personal swagg adds the perfect finish. And I totally relate to u being a mom, and on that note u definitely motivate me to "get it togetha" and shed the pounds to look my best. Thanks for your postings!!!

  2. Mimi….you are too funny but bloated tummy quit…playing even in 3-D your tummy wouldn't bulge that white t-shirt. looking fab as usual. oh and sistah red has a grip on my ovaries right about now as well. argh….

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