New Tutorial!!! Ombre Dyed Maxi

YAY for a new tutorial!!! I saw a skirt on pinterest that was so cute I new immediately 
there was tut-a-brewing in my head, LOL!  I put together this simple tutorial for the “Ombre Dyed Maxi” but first you will need to download my video tutorial on making a step by step maxi skirt that even newbies can make! 

***READ*** you can use any maxi you already own to do this BUT I suggest you make your maxi using THIS tutorial and not an elastic waist maxi because there wis too much fabric to gather without bulk. Also, use the fabric links below to buy the correct fabric. ALL FABRICS dye differently and some don’t dye well at all so please make sure to use the suggested fabrics below for best results.
Fabric Choice: 100% Rayon Challis HERE/ you can also use any natural fiber, like a nice cotton and or a  Jersey knit fabric HERE

Get The Look….

Gap White Tank HERE / DIY Maxi / Neon Belt (similar) HERE or HERE / Michael Kors Watch (similar) HERE / Neon Yellow Necklace (old) F21 (similar) HERE or HERE

mimi g.


57 thoughts on “New Tutorial!!! Ombre Dyed Maxi

  1. Loads of hugs & kisses firm you Mimi!, this is just in time! I was looking for a quick and easy way to get an ombré done and here you are with the tutorial!! Thank you, thank you, I just canA't thank you enough! Great post!

  2. Miss Mimi I SWEAR you read my mind sometimes (thank God you know what to do though :)). Thanks for this tutorial Lady! As usual you look fabulous. Keep killin' 'em! 🙂

  3. MIMI, do you know I was on pintrest and saw that same skirt and I fell in LOVE? THANK YOU,THANK YOU, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for this tut. YOU ROCK MIMI!!!!!P.S We are both actually following each other on Pintrest. Thanks lady.

  4. Love your Blog and tuts.. I just dyed my daughter's maxi dress and my maxi skirt. It was so so easy to follow I will def. leave pics once we wear them. You have been very inspiring to me… I use to draw clothes when I was younger and now I have started again and getting comfortable sewing.I was blessed with junk in truck so I always have to by bigger bottoms and take in the waist. Plus to top it off every summer i have to get swimsuits made because I have a really bad latex; rubber bands (elastics) allergy. With your maxi skirt tutorial I am able to get a ribbon in the waist and still make it work. You are so appreciated! Thanks so much.

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