Final Video 3 of 3 & DIY Top + Red Blazer + Jeans

Happy 4th! I hope you guys have a safe and enjoyable day. Below is my look of the day and the final video from the 1st Annual Meet, Shop + Learn where everyone was able to ask me questions they had or issues they are having with sewing etc. and it was really great!
I know some of you have had trouble viewing the vimeo videos so I have also added a link to the youtube version just below the vimeo 😉
Get The Look..

Red Blazer HERE / Jeans Love These! HERE / DIY Top (tut soon) /Jessica Simpson Heels HERE

Part 3 of 3: Questions & Answers
The final video of the “Meet, Shop + Learn” Q&A with me 😉
Youtube Link HERE


mimi g.


15 thoughts on “Final Video 3 of 3 & DIY Top + Red Blazer + Jeans

  1. I just wanted to stop by and say thankyou for all the videos you have posted about your wonderful Annual Meeting. And also for all the tutorials, it's amazing how your so willing to share such important information and make it so much fun.

  2. I'm so sorry I missed the fun! I have sponsored "all nighters" in the past but have had trouble finding venues lately. You have inspired me to have a Q&A shopping day here in Chicago – I've been asked alot to host one. I think it would be fun. I just love sharing the craft! I hope I have a great turnout! Yours was awesome, I enjoyed the videos! Thanks!!!

  3. Mimi, thanks for the invisible zipper tip. I recently made a dress with a bodice, and inserted an invisible zipper using your method. My seams are even!! I look forward to the 2nd annual event in 2013. Thanks again!

  4. So, the last time you posted those shoes I commented that they were must haves…Mine just arrived in the mail the other day! Super happy with them and can't wait to wear them. Thanks for sharing the link.

  5. Love the top and the look you pulled it together nicely. I really like the fabric also can you share where you purchased the fabric thanks for sharing!

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