Orange and White + Crafty Usable Project!

Hello Darlings!
Ive been a little late in the day with posting the last few days because I have so much going on at work I keep falling behind ;-( anyway…. Yesterday I had a ‘MOMMY DEAREST” moment, LOL and started freaking out over clutter in the kitchen, clutter in the bathroom just CLUTTER!!!
Clutter drives me nuts so I pulled everything out of the cabinets and rearranged, purged and reorganized and now I feel so much better. If my house is not in order I CANNOT THINK. 
While I was cleaning my bathroom I remembered seeing something on pinterest (I think) on a cool way to keep my make-up handy because I don’t like keeping it in make up bags (they get messy) so off to target I went…Crafty Project Details & pics below πŸ˜‰
Get The Look…

Forever 21 Orange Floral Top (similar) HERE or HERE / White Leggings (similar) HERE / Necklace (gifted) similar HERE or HERE / Bead Bracelets and Bangles (old) Forever 21 / Wedges (old) similar HERE or HERE / Clutch BCBG (similar) HERE or HERE

Crafty Project!

hubby actually did the work, I watched and took pics, LOL

Candleholders (we used 2) / Bowls (2) Ceramic, Glass or Plastic / Gorilla Glue (dried white kind)
Glue candle sticks together / glue to base plate / glue rim of upper candleholder and glue bowl

Jewelry/Make-up Storage πŸ˜‰
I know many of you love lurking but I love and appreciate comments please πŸ˜‰


mimi g.

76 thoughts on “Orange and White + Crafty Usable Project!

  1. I totally felt like you were calling "ME" out as one of those lurking. (lol) I love it. This idea is super cute and I'm sure the bowls match your decor. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent with us. I think I was going through MiMi withdrawl these last couple of days…lol

  2. Mimi you look great, as usual!!! I look forward to your daily post and I appreciate you taking time out of your schedule just to post something, anything for that matter!!! I love DIY projects and I am so stealing this!!! Thanks so much!!

  3. *Holds up right hand* I, Sherita, promise to lurk less and comment more. Your tunic is perfect for summer and I have a slight obsession with all things floral right now. Love the wedges, too.

  4. What is there to say I LOVE your blog and you're right I don't comment because I just enjoy it but when I'm specifically asked to comment I have to do so. Just keep doing what you do because you are freaking AWESOME at it.

  5. delurking from London, UK πŸ™‚ love your blog, especially the tutorials. You have inspired me to make my own clothes, an ambition I have had for a long time! Great style too, you always look fabulous!

  6. Love your style…I can't sew but you inspire me to learn. My mom has a sewing machine…hmmm. Thanks for accepting my friend request on FB. Look forward to your 3-day event next year! Keep doing your thing!

  7. I do house cleaning for a lady and her bathroom counter makes me want to pluck my hair out strand by strand. This would be a God send for her bathroom. I MUST make her one, for my own sanity once a week! Think she'd love it too! πŸ™‚

  8. Hi, I discovered your site a few weeks ago and stop by once in a while( YES I admit was a lurker). I have to tell you I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!! YOU ARE JUST SO ADORABLE. I can't sew, for the life of me but now that I see all the cute stuff you have it inspires me to learn how to. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

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